lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Grey Hope

Grey Hope

Imagine a beautiful landscape,
Is a city surrounded by mountains and lakes

In the distance, a thunderstorm
over families crying at home

In suburb you can see the mountains
Where people hide their hunger

In the city a lot of kids in a big park
playing with the biggest guns.

On a bench A girl thinking a lot
It will hurt when I abort?

Two colleagues share Internet
but with the law can’t go into his web

A man with AIDS eating pop corns
thinks that won’t do it anymore.

And even so you think of being a big one
the birds on your head have died
and you want to rest in peace.

Imagine a beautiful landscape,
Walking along a sidewalk oily with a bomb holes

In a gray world without hope
Why will anyone think of color?

While you can hear the wind
between of the homeless suffering

A world where people are Fighting
and do not know whether to be or not be

Parents who suffer for their children
Children who suffer from their parents

the war that kills hope causing fear and loss
The war is none other than yours in you

Calm before changing the world,
meditate, and remove your wrong,

transmit good sense in everyone,
if not, people hiding beyond the sky
before resting in peace.

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